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About BGI Retail

Where is BGI Retail Located?

BGI Retail is located in Paris, Ontario at 3 Adi Dassler Way, Paris, Ontario Canada, N3L 0B9.

Who owns BGI Retail?

As of June 2021, BGI Retail is now part of TC Transcontinental

How can I contact BGI Retail?

You can call us anytime at (519) 442-7000 or E-mail us at info@bgiretail.com. You can also use our Live Chat app or project builder located above the footer on every page of our website.

Managing Your Experience

Does BGI Retail have a Privacy Policy?

Yes we do. You can find our Privacy Policy here. A link to the policy can also be found in the Menu and Footer of our Website.

I have a media inquiry. Who can I contact?

Most media inquiries can be addressed by calling 519-442-7000 or emailing us at info@bgiretail.com.

I have a technical support issue. Who can I contact?

All technical support issues can be addressed by emailing websupport@bgiretail.com.

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