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Overstock can distract from the products on the shelf, BGI has a number of cost effective systems that can become part of the décor or branding while creating a pleasant in-store environment.


LED Panel and Light Systems

Our offering uses the latest technology that can be a standalone panel that brightens any image or LED lighting built into décor or fixture elements to light up the day for your shoppers.


Project Focus: Large Runs

BGI Retail is the current provider of one of the largest décor program rollouts currently in North America, to a leading big box brand. From development to the fulfillment and distribution of key projects, BGI can manage the full scope; from design, store planning, manufacturing, inventory management, and installation.

Decor Cloud.

Décor Cloud is a lightweight hanging panel system developed by BGI that delivers an overhead structure, signage or graphic image for any in-store destination. It’s easy to install because the panels are designed to be interlocking. This system can run straight or follow a curved path of the floor layout.


Gondola Trim Systems

Gondola systems, although extremely versatile, are not the most visually appealing to your customers. BGI Retail can develop a “Gondola Trim Kit” that will enhance the customer experience. From average to spectacular.

Plastic Fabrication

Acrylic Accents

From acrylic components to full acrylic merchandise units, BGI Retail can design and fabricate everything that you need. Based on our single source manufacturing platform we can integrate a combination of acrylic, print, wood or metal. Explore the opportunities of BGI Retail.

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